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Anuj presents a costly reward; Barkha HUMILIATES the Shah family

Rupali Gangu Gaurav Khanna Sudhanshu Pandey's television show Anupamaa is one of the HIT shows of the past few years.
 The fans are in love with the storyline and how the character has developed in it. 

Gaurav Khanna's performance as Anuj Kapadia was the perfect spice in the tale. In the present, Anu and Anuj are married and have an enjoyable life. But, obviously, there are some issues. The latest spoiler is about the Shah family members being disgraced by Barkha.

Anuj as well as Anupamaa have moved into their new house and have organized a housewarming celebration. Anupamaa invites family members from the Shah family to attend the festivities. 

Even Vanraj is also invited. Kavya insists that Vanraj comes to the celebration. When they get to the venue, they are prevented by security guards. 

But, Anupamaa comes to the aid. She stands up to Barkha and joins Barkha and the Shah family. But, Baa accuses Anupamaa for the humiliation that they suffered.

Anuj's extravagant present to the Anupamaa family

In all the chaos The romance that exists between Anu and Anuj remains strong. The husband has bought an expensive present in honor of his wife. 

Anuj presents a stunning necklace to Anupamaa however the cost is enough to leave Anupamaa shattered. The necklace is valued at about 80 lakh rupees. Anu practically faints when she hears the price. 

Then she says she isn't able to wear the necklace because it isn't suitable for her neck, which is middle class. However, Anuj is talking to her and convinces her to wear the necklace.

The show is getting increasingly thrilling every day. It is going to be fascinating to discover what happens to Anu and Anuj remain faithful to their wedding regardless of the obstacles they face. Keep an eye on BollywoodLife for further updates of the show.

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