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Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update

Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update

Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update - Anupama as well as Anuj continue to talk to an adorable girl Anu. Anu wants they pray to Kanhaji that he send her papa to her soon and increase the pressure. Anuj affirms that they will pray for Kanhaji. Anu wants to know how they will feel upon seeing their mother arrive. 

Anu demands that she stop asking from asking so many questions. Anu tells her that Abhay uncle tells us that people are friends when we don't question them. Abhay encounters Anuj and requests Anuj to present bhabiji his way. Anuj is the one to introduce Anupama for him. Abhay affirms that even the tiny daughter is Anu and thanked Anuj for his support for his orphanage.

Samar instructs dance on the internet to students. He concludes the class. Toshu wants Samar to teach this step to Toshu. Toshu dances. Samar inquires if he has learned to dance from his mother. Toshy claims he has mummy's move and papa's style from his genes. He embraces Samar emotionalally and says"I'm very proud of you. The team that they thought was losing ended up being a the winner.

Anuj says to Anu she should be awarded a the prize for such a beautiful dance. Anupama backs him. Anu is looking at Abhay and says she enjoys beaches. Anuj accepts to go to the beach with her. She is delighted.

He inquires how he can manage his work and home with ease. Samar is emotional and embraces him. Toshu searches for his laptop for an opening and tells him that they need to work together the situation right now. Samar states, papa, family, home... and then adds that Mr Shah appears to be emotional as he is, however Toshu doesn't care what Shah does. 

He then walks away, exempting himself. Vanraj listens to their conversations. Toshu felicitates Vanraj that his son is also by his side, and assures him to not be concerned as his two sons will take care of everything.

Anuj expresses his rage at the people who reject girls and committing female feticide as praying to female gods. Abhay states that sadly, 2-3 girls do not have parents and others are ostracized by their families. Each month a child is placed at the door of an orphanage. 

Abhay says that even Anu was taken away just a few days old, she's an amazing child with plenty of hopes. Anupama states that happiness will not last long because of the harshness of society and therefore some families must adopt them, etc.

Abhay informs Anuj as well as Anupama that in addition to the basic necessities, children require something more. Anuj says that children need the love of their parents and that only parents can provide the latter. Abhay believes that everyone should be taking at least one responsibility for a girl. Anupama states that childless couples visit holy places, but do not go to an orphanage. 

Anuj says that many people are obsessed with biological children . should they alter their thinking and decide to adopt a child things can shift. Anupama states that if a couple is childless and they realize they cannot reproduce, they should take on the child. They continue to talk about the normalization of adoption.

Kinjal smiles happily with her baby who is still unborn and anticipates its arrival. Toshu smiles as he watches. Kinjal stumbles and is thrown off the ledge. Toshu in shock, calls her name. Kinjal panics. Toshu soothes her by reassuring her all is well.

Anuj gives a cash cheque to Abhay on Anupama's and his behalf. He then shows the girl's bracelet. Abhay claims it's the bracelet of Anu. Anupama promises to return the bracelet to Anu. Anuj declares that he would like to take Anu to the beach. Abhay states that this is his ashram, and he has set guidelines here, so Anuj is able to take Anu and return her to the beach on time. 

Anuj enthusiastically acknowledges Abhay for his kindness. Anupama along with Anuj continue to talk about spreading happiness to orphaned children. Anu arrives at their home and slips off her slipper. Anuj fix it on her foot, and she recalls doing the similar to Anupama on the first time they met after 25 years.

Anuj and Anupama Anupama and Anuj take Anu to the beach. Anu write their names down on the beach, and she asks which is Anupama's and hers. Anu declares that the one with the big letters is Anupama's while the small one is hers. The wave washes away the name. 

Anu is sad. Anuj describes how she can write in a poetic style to write it away from the ocean. She asks him if he's poet. Anuj is curious about how she can determine this. She says that he is able to directly say to write it away from the water, instead of a lengthy speeches. Anuj smiles and says that there's something special about Anu name. They continue to share the time they have with Anu.

Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update - FAQ

1. What is Anupama Today's Episode Written Update?

The Anupama Today Episode Written Update will help you to know the upcoming twists in the episode today.

2. What is Anupama?

Anupama is the famous Indian Television Series followed by the majority of the people in India.

3. Who is the producer of Anupama?

Anupama Hindi Television is produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi.

4. What is Anupama 10th June 2022 New Episode Written Update?

The Anupama Today Episode Written Update will help you to know the upcoming twists in the episode today.

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