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Anupama 13th June 2022 Written Update

At this point, Anupama apologizes to Vanraj. She begged him to forgive her and attend the event. Shah was surprised to see Anupama's big house. Giabiabi and Anuj si Shah. Leela asked Anuj to keep an eye on her guards, too, and indirectly laughed at the insult they encountered. Anuj en Anupama stean mem. Hasmuk joech it kado oan Barkha foar Shah. 

Barkha bestelt de faam om de kado's te ferbergjen. Vanraj hledá Barkha. Barkha mijt Vanraj. Bakrkha saw a sticker of Lord Ganesha on the door of the house. He confronts Anupama. Anupama tells Barkh that he will dive into it. Barkha was angry.

Anuj introduces Shah to Ankush. Vanraj discovers that Barkha is expecting a present from other guests. Barkha took the scared pills. Ankush confronts Barkh. Barkha tells Ankusha that he will not allow Anupama's family to take away Adhik and Sarah's happiness. He decided to guarantee the future of Sarah and Adhik. Ankush standing mother.

Anuj asks Anupama what happened to the Shah. Anupama tells Anuja that Shah's name is not on the guest list. Anuj says Barkha did not inform him. He had a bad conscience. Anupama health Anuj. Sara and Samar meet there. They both learn about their relationship with Anupama and Barkha. Kinjal and Paritosh join Sarah and Samar. 

They will be friends with each other. Please click on his photos. Adhik meets Pakhi. He chased him to come from behind, too. I am sorry. Adhik asked Pakhi why he liked his photos on social media. Pakhi reveals to Adhik that Anupama is his mother. Paritosh, Sara, Samar and Kinjal meet Adhik. Everyone decided to start again.

Anupama serves a drink at Shah’s. Kavya asks why he is alone in the service. Anupama tells Kavya that she wants to work the way she is used to. Leela adds Anupama jewelry. Anupama said Anuj gave a present. Kavya asked if it was expensive. 

At least Mom got up. Hasmuk asks Leely how she noticed her necklace. Leela said women often notice other women's jewelry. Anupam even asked why Barkha wore a western on Puja Day. Kavya said Barkha was in good health.

Barkha introduces Anuj and says he is back in business. Anuj praised Barkha for decorating the house. He further praised Anupama and introduced her as his wife. Barkha was angry. Anuj asked Anupama to say something on this occasion. Barkha cuts off Anuj and Anupama. He played music and started a housewarming party. Anupama was confused. 

He stopped the music and told Barkh that the party would begin soon after the puja. Leela said she now understood why Rakhi had once enjoyed watching her fight. He said it was fun to watch Anupama vs Barkha. Kavya corrected Leela. Anupama explains to Barkh that the house is valuable because it offers lifelong shelter. Barkha says his guests are not here to sit in the puja. Anupama says everyone will be sitting in a puja.

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