Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Update

Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Update -
Anuj and Anupama share in today's episode that they are happy to finally see Barkha, Arun and their families after so long. Anupama says she is understanding that he was not with her all the time, but that somewhere he was missing a family member. 

Anuj agrees and says they now have a complete family. Pakhi says that the speech he gave to save his girl was a cliche. Boy asks Pakhi what speech he would need to impress a girl. Partiosh becomes furious when Partiosh observes Pakhi speaking with boy.

Anupama (and Anuj) are served food from Barkha by Barkha. Anuj suggests to Anupama the following: if Anuj doesn’t like Barkha’s food, he will cook for her another one. Anupama said that if she doesn’t like the new taste, she will learn about them. Anupama is astonished. 

Barkha smile. GK will come. Anupama (and Anuj) are delighted to see GK. Ankush and Barkha are annoyed. Anupama is asked by Anuj to bring food. GK refuses, but asks them to try the food. GK is ignored when Ankush or Barkha are at it. Barkha asks Anuj or Anupama what their first meeting was like. 

Ankush questions them about their relationship and asks what they enjoy most. Anupama is adamant that Anuj can talk all night if they get into a conversation about each other. Barkha and Ankush look at each other with a smirk.

Anuj says that Barkha believes the house should be renovated. She is eager to remodel the interior. Anuj tells Barkha, "She can do anything" but she must get permission from Anupama since she owns it. Ankush is shocked, while Barkha is stunned. Anupama said to Barkha, "Anuj is joking because house is made with family." Barkha replies that she can do any thing she wants. Anuj asks Anupama for help in learning new things.

Samar is talking to the girl. Both get excited to hear that they love dancing. Paritosh is teasing Pakhi while Adhik fights. Pakhi defends Adhik. Paritosh hears that Adhik helped her. Paritosh demands that Pakhi tell Paritosh before. Adhik thanks him for his apology.

Vanraj fears for Samar, Paritosh or Pakhi later. Hasmuk asks Vanraj to forget about his worries. Vanraj says Anupama and Kavya have left. Hasmuk says he shares the worry that his children might distance themselves from him. Hasmuk cheers Vanraj. Leela looks after Kinjal.

Adhik, Pakhi, and Adhik have an eye lock. Ankush (and Barkha) reveal to Anuj or Anupama that their US business has been sold to them to make way for India. Anuj/Anupama is informed by both of them that they want a separate home. Anuj convinces Ankush, Barkha and Anupama to stay with them.

Ankush is a bit irritated to see Barkha. Samar, Paritosh (and Pakhi) sneer about Shah's fight. Samar is shocked to find Vanraj still hasn't had a meal. Anupama (and Anuj) are thrilled to find their family complete.

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Anupama is the famous Indian Television Series followed by the majority of the people in India.

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Anupama Hindi Television is produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi.

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The Anupama Today Episode Written Update will help you to know the upcoming twists in the episode today.