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Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Yuvan attempts to kiss Banni, claiming that he likes her. Banni interrupts him and tells him to kiss the girl he marries. Yuvan wants to know who she will marry. She tells Yuvan that she won't marry and will continue to fulfill her mother’s dream of expanding her home-delivery business around the world. Yuvan claims that her grandfather said they had lots of money and that he would give it to her so she can grow her business. Banni claims he cannot do that and tells her she will take him home. 

Yuvan is kidnapped by Banni, and he is arrested by police. Banni attempts to explain, but Yuvan claims that goons attacked Banni and dropped them off at Ranakpur. Inspector refuses to believe him and takes Banni into custody Yuvan enjoys police jeep ride. Banni sees the goons attacking her and realises it is a conspiracy.

Manini tells her family that Devraj doesn't trust anyone and sent Banni along with Yuvan. She claims that Banni was found by Ranakpur police and she asks if the temple has been moved to Ranakpur. Hemant questions Yuvan's safety. Viraj claims that police are bringing Yuvan and Banni here at any time. Manini accuses Banni. Yuvan is brought by police. Manini asks Viraj for Yuvan's room. Viraj leaves Yuvan's violin behind and takes him away. Manini accuses Banni, accusing him of kidnapping him.

Banni, in her typical style, says that the Jodhpur goons who attacked Jodhpur on her behalf are in Ranakpur. Manini is the victim of a conspiracy. Niyati backs Manini. Anchal spots Yuvan's mother’s jewelry in the violin case. Manini accuses her, luring Yuvan into buying his mother's jewelry. Banni sas Yuvan to reveal the truth, as he is innocent as a child. Viraj threatens Yuvan and brings Yuvan. Yuan claims that Banni requested him to bring the jewelry. Banni is shocked to learn that Yuvan has told the truth and asks Yuvan to not worry. Yuvan does the same thing when Viraj holds Yuvan.

Hemant requests Banni to end her drama. Banni believes Viraj must have scared Yuvan. Yuvan hides in fear. Viraj believes that Banni should be turned over to the police. Banni is being accused by all the family members. Devraj claims that Banni won't go to prison. Hemant tells him to stop. Manini will take Yuvan care of from now on. Yuvan will only be able to meet Manini if Manini permits. 

Banni claims that he behaves like a Bhagbaan movie child. He is separating a grandfather and his grandchildren. She recalls how Devraj cared for Yuvan since childhood. Anchal requests her to stop speaking and go home. She will then cook the food according to her mother's recipe. Banni reminds her to be careful with her tongue. Manini questions if her mother is also as naive as her. Banni becomes more furious and tells Manini to stop being so rude.

Devraj interrupts Manini, and says that he would like to spend 1 day with Banni to prove her innocence. Banni accepts his apology from his family. Banni challenges him to prove his innocence by tomorrow night and asks him to not apologize. She steps out, and Yuvan tries to talk to her. Viraj stops him. She realises it is Viraj's plot.

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