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Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th June 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th June 2022 Written Update

Manini is making arrangements to welcome Niyati. Brinda calls and asks Manini if there's a special guest. Malini says that Malini has a very special guest. Niyati gets out the car. Banni offers the security guard some sweets and balloons, and tells him that he should give it to the children she plays with.

The security guard inquires why. Banni says that his brother is going into medicine. Yuvan spots that Banni enters the house from the windows and believes it to be the Pari her mother sent. Kalpana prepares Aarti in Niyati's honor and Charmi states that she will give Aarti to Niyati since she is her house daughter in law.

Kalpana presents her the Aarti. Banni collides and Niyathi's phone drops. Niyathi tells Banni that she doesn't need to apologize but that she can just pick up the phone. Banni claims she will pick it up, but she must catch it in time or it will be just like her ego. Banni lifts her phone up with her leg. Niyati attempts to catch it, but she can't. Banni enters hall where there will be a floral shower.

Malini instructs the servants not to continue. Niyati enters after Banni. Niyati says hi to everyone. Malini is curious to know what Banni is doing here. Devraj tells everyone that Banni not only will cook food for Yuvan, but also provide meals. Malini thanks Banni for taking care Yuvan. Yuvan asks Banni if she brought Kheer.

Banni believes there is. However, he needs to first have lunch. Only then will he be allowed to eat the kheer. Malini informs Yuvan that Malini is a maid. Yuvan hears tales of Raja, Rani and Niyati. Yuvan is taken away by Niyati who then takes Kheer back. Malini claims that her mother will be furious if Niyati doesn't listen.

Yuvan claims her mother used Yuvan Kheer. Yuvan likes Kheer, so if she is pari sent from her mother, then she should be able to tell that Yuvan doesn't like Kheer. However, this new Pari takes it away. Niyati demonstrates what she brought for Yuvan. Yuvan says you might be misunderstanding and Pari will not be Niyati who snatches mine kheer.

Niyati tries snatching kheer. She asks him for his taste buds. Kheer is able to fly. Banni holds it, and says that she is unable to enter Yuvan’s heart because of her stubbornness. Niyati states that she can handle many cases. Banni claims he isn't the case and tells Yuvan she will make Yuvan have complete food and not just kheer. Devraj feels happy.

Banni provides food for him. Niyati said it was hard for her to believe that she wasn't part the family. Banni hands her a visiting card, and asks her to sign the marriage contract. Manini tells Manini that they will order food in a 5-star restaurant. Banni claims they can't find her love and taste in hotel food. Yuvan tells Kheer is not hot. She assures him that she will heat it up. Hemant hears Devraj telling him to speak with him. He agrees.

Later Manini gives a hug to Hemant, and tells him that Yuvan's Dad wants him to talk with them about the marriage. Devraj tells Manini that Manini would like to hand over the property. She knows Yuvan's wife is going to get his property within one year, so she brings Niyati. Manini says to Hemant, "Devraj may not accept her choice. He feels that I'm his stepmother." So get him to agree. Hemant assures her that he can make Devraj see the point. Manini smirks.

Banni finds the kitchen dirty. She alerts the workers to clean it. Kalpana and Kalpana's sister enter the kitchen to disturb Kalpana. Banni scares them into uploading the video showing how dirty they are in the kitchen. They tell her she shouldn't. Banni requests them to clean the kitchen with her.

Manini informs Niyati that she has shares of the property. Niyati promises her that Yuvan will take care of her and she will help her get the property. Manini admits it is difficult to care for his grandfather. He made a will stating that Yuvan will give the property to Yuvan's spouse after one year, if Yuvan feels she can.

Niyati assures her that she will. Manini asks her for help. Niyati assures Manini that Yuvan will marry them. Manini promises that you will then name the property in mine, I hope you are still remembering this agreement. Niyati agrees. Yuvan gets kheer from Banni. Manini warns Niyati not to cheat on her.

Niyati admits she knows and then asks Yuvan about Yuvan's fate once she acquires the property. Manini asks her if she can divorce him and send him away. She meets Banni, and she says that Banni can become a problem. Therefore, I insist that Hemant keep this girl out of Rathod’s house.

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