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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Vibhu is sitting with David, Anu, and Malta in their home. David suggests that we interview Malta before she is allowed to work in our home. Vibhu agrees. Anu states that she is available for the interview, but Vibhu argues with David that they should do it. David asks her about herself, and Malta says she is married. Vibhu then asks Malta why she is wearing a nuptial necklace around her neck. Malta says that her husband abandoned her the night before their wedding and has never returned. 

David claims that he is her husband and has fun. Anu is furious and demands that David stop acting in a way that makes her feel like she's our guest. Anu asks Malta where she worked in the past. Vibhu adds up and asks Malta if she's ever stolen anything. Malta replied that she has only stolen hearts. 

David immediately passes her. Anu is told by Vibhu that Malta is being a bit suspicious. Anu ignores her and passes her by. Anu invites Malta to Tiwari’s house because they are looking for a maid. Vibhu agrees to take Anu to Tiwari’s house. David promises to take her to Tiwari’s house. Vibhu and David argue about who will take Vibhu to Tiwari’s house. David grabs Malta's arm and pushes Vibhu onto the couch. Then, he forces Vibhu to Tiwari’s house.

David and Malta are moving out of their home. Malta wants to know how long it will take to get to the next house. David says it will take about 30 minutes, and then grabs Malta's hand so they can go for a walk. Malta resists David and takes David's hand. David begins to flirt with her. Master ji, Dr. Gupta walk up to them and talk about how it is hard to find a good maid. 

Master ji, Dr. Gupta welcome David and ask him to introduce them. David is furious and says it's not their business. Master ji says they have no wrong intentions, but she did look like a maid. Dr. Gupta and Dr. Gupta agree. David warns them, and says she is his friend.

Angoori and Tiwari are sitting in their home. Angoori informs Tiwari that Anu hired a maid to help them. Tiwari asks Tiwari why she is hiring a maid when she already has a servant. Angoori replies that he is not a servant, he is Anu's husband. Angoori questions Tiwari about whether they could hire a maid. Tiwari responds, "Why do we need a maid?" Angoori says, do I look like a maid ? Tiwari claims that you are the owner of this home. 

Angoori states, "I'm the owner of this house and I expect a maid." David and Malta visit Tiwari's home and introduce Malta to them both. Tiwari then tells them that Malta is an expert in all household chores. Angoori questions her about other things she could do. David continues to exaggerate Angoori's physical features. Angoori agrees with David and asks if she could interview Malta. Angoori questions her about what she can make. Malta can cook a variety of dishes. 

Angoori gets impressed. Tiwari asks Malta whether she has ever stolen anything. Malta replied, "Everyone said that Malta steals hearts wherever they worked in the past." Tiwari questions Malta about any thefts of utensils. David becomes furious and asks Tiwari to calm down. Angoori tells David that he should calm down and asks Malta how much she charges. 

Extra service is available at a cost of 10,000 rs or 5000 rs. Malta replied. Angoori wants to know what is included in the extra service. Tiwari tells Angoori not to talk and tells Malta that he can only do 2000rs. David tells Tiwari that he is ashamed of himself. Tiwari questions David about why he is so emotionally involved with Malta.

Tillu and Malkhan are selling vegetables. Rusa approaches them and asks when they started the business. Tillu and Malkhan say they bought the vegetables with their own money. The owner of the tea stall interrupts and says that they didn't buy these vegetables, but they stole all these. Rusa is disappointed and then leaves. Tillu tells Rusa to let her go. Malta arrives to purchase vegetables. Tillu and Malkhan continue gazing at her and discussing how beautiful she looks. Malkhan and Tillu ask her name. Malta requests them to pack good oranges for Malta.

Malta is cleaning Anu’s house. David approaches her and grabs her by the hand. Malta resists and grabs David's hand. David said that he had missed her. Anu and Vibhu visit her to check on her. Soon Anu is also greeted by Tiwari, Angoori and Angoori. They sit down together, and Tiwari tells Anu that he would love to sing a song. Anu asks why not? Tiwari is also asked by Malta to sing one. Vibhu replied, first, he will sing to Anu, then he can sing to you. David replies with the first song for Malta.

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