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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Tiwari lies on his bed and Malta is right next to him.
 Tiwari is comfortable until Malta reaches out to touch him. Tiwari is shocked and asks Malta for her resignation. Angoori giggles.

Anu and David are visiting Malta. David pushes Malta onto the couch and takes Malta to David. Malta questions David about what is wrong. David says that he needs a massage because his entire body is hurting. David agrees to a massage from Malta. 

David tells him that her hands feel very soft. He is unconscious when Malta rubs his back. Anu rushes toward them and asks what happened. She heard David screaming. Malta replies in Happu's own voice, "I made him sleep by slapping." Anu questions how did he find out that you were Happu Singh. Malta replies, no, he didn't. Anu asks Malta to let David go and to follow Vibhu.

Vibhu lies in bed, while Malta is beside him. Vibhu is asleep in his bedroom. Malta rubs her fingers on Vibhu. He listens to Malta speak in his ears. Vibhu is shocked when he wakes up. Malta asks Vibhu if she would like to go outside with her for a while. Vibhu denies. 

Vibhus finally gets up after Malta makes him come along with her. Vibhu and Malta arrive at their balcony. Vibhu flirts with Malta and tells her that he doesn't love his wife. Vibhu says that he does love Anu more than anyone else, but he denies it. Malta grabs Vibhu. 

David arrives on the balcony to eavesdrop on them both. David watches Vibhu, Malta have a conversation on balcony. He then gets sad and leaves. Vibhu says to Malta that if Anu found out that you were flirting with her, she would kill us both.

Tillu and Malkhan sit next to their Vegetable Barrow. The owner of the tea stall offers them tea and then asks why they aren't shouting and making a nuisance of themselves today. They start to argue. Vibhu, Tiwari walk up to the tea stalls and ask them what's wrong. Tiwari questions them if they're arguing about money again. 

The tea seller replied, "No, the real reason is maid." Vibhu questions which maid. Tillu responds, "We have rumors that she also works in your house." Tiwari questions them about whether she has misbehaved. Tillu says no and that we are waiting for that only. Vibhu slaps them both. Tillu and Malkhan quickly get up and take their barrows. 

They then leave while singing a song. Vibhu and Tiwari explain their respective situations one-by-one. Vibhu questions Tiwari if this is not suspicious. Anu and Angoori may be plotting something against us, I believe.

Anu, Anu, and Angoori are seated together in Anu’s house. Anu asks Happu Singh (dressed as Malta) if there is any softcorner for Tiwari or Vibhu. Vibhu, Tiwari and their children arrive at their home and find them all sitting together. They begin to listen to them. Malta disagrees and states that they are not attracted by any other woman. 

Anu tells Happu Sing to leave once the work is completed. Happu Singh asks Anu to let him stay until Garra Phelwan's arrest. Angoori agrees to Happu. Anu agrees with Happu but warns him to stop teasing Vibhu or Tiwari. Happu also agrees, saying that he is afraid of David. Please help him.
Vibhu listened to the entire conversation between them. Tiwari is told by Vibhu that they are going to play a game against them in order to exact revenge. Tiwari agrees.

Tiwari is drinking tea while Malta cleans the floor. Tiwari accidentally spills tea on the floor and calls Malta for help. Malta then comes to clean it. Tiwari spills the tea again and calls Malta to clean it. It is cleaned up by Malta again. Tiwari spills the liquid again and calls Malta. 

Malta asks Tiwari if he has any. Tiwari grabs the hand of her and pulls her towards him. Malta questions Tiwari about his activities. Tiwari reaches out to Tiwari and flirts with him. Tiwari is pushed back by Malta and rushed outside screaming.

Vibhu is calling Malta from his bathroom to lend him a towel. Malta hands over the towel, and then knocks at the door. Vibhu pulls Malta into the bathroom, grabs her arm and opens the door. David walks outside and listens in on the conversations.

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