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Gud Se Mitha Ishq 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Khurana's family prepared Pari for his performance of the song. Dadaji said Pari would shake the stage. The priest insisted on more makeup. Kajal says her heart is beautiful, so she doesn't need any more makeup. Nutan conducted Pari Nazarite and asked him to do his research well. 

Priest says he will rock the podium and ask Kajal to finish her makeup today. Dev came to bring Priest to the show and was afraid she would see him unprepared. The priest said he had to look good to sing well. Dev asks her family to stop cheering on Priest and advise him as soon as he's late.

Neel orders a cell phone for Kajal. Nasina and Pavitra. Kajal is said to consider only his friend, so he does not have to be afraid. Dev hears Bhoomi telling Soniya that if Pari sings well, there will be another celebrity in the house. 

She asks him if he considers himself a celebrity. She was nervous. Dhruv calls her to come choose a sari for the evening activity. He's gone. Priest prepares him and Dev takes him to the place he loves so much. Dev said he just had to sing on stage. The priest refused. She tried to calm him down.

The Khuran family left home to attend the event. JD asks Kajal to stay home because Neel will pick him up after a few hours. Nutan asks Kajal to come and see the gift Neel sent him until he arrives. Kajal agreed. JD calls Phoolo Singh and informs him that Kajal is alone in the house. 

Kaju tried to close the front door when Phool Singh entered the house and Kaju ran to save himself. He calls Neel, but Neel is busy with Pavitre's romance, so he doesn't choose to call. Pavitra asks him to check who's calling. 

He notices Kajal's new number and turns it off, saying it's an unknown number. Phool Singh broke Kajal's phone and tried to charge it when he begged for rescue.

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