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Imlie 13th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie disguised as a maid Kairi from Pagdandia enters Rathore House and entertains them. Jyoti, Nila, and Gudiya feel irritated while Narmada, Sundar, and Arpita enjoy her drama. Arpita then introduces her to each family member. She comments on Gudiya and Nila and says its good that servants are out because Nila, now she will serve them all in her unique style. 

She thinks she will find out the culprit whoever is trying to interfering between her and Aryan. Aryan knocks on Imlie’s room door worried for her when she doesn’t open the door for more than 1 hour. Family joins her. Imlie/Kairi thinks she is here and Aryan is creating problem for her.

Aryan gets more worried seeing blood on the floor. Imlie realizes she dropped alt/red color on floor while disguising as Kairi. Jyoti happily asks Harry if he killed Imlie. Harry denies. Aryan decides to break open the door when Imlie rushes to her room via a window and opens the door. 

Aryan asks if she is fine. She says yes and couldn’t hear him as she was gargling in the bathroom. Jyoti says Aryan was worried for her. Imlie says she knows he is more worried these days. Narmada thanks god that Imlie is fine and asks if she called Kairi. 

Imlie says Meethi sent Kairi who will take good care of everyone. Gudiya asks why she is filling the Rathore Mansion with dumb villagers. Imlie says she is a villager but not dumb. Aryan repeats with her. Gudiya asks if Kairi can prepare pasta. Imlie says pasta is Pagdandiya’s most popular dish and leaves saying she has some important work.

Imlie walks towards kitchen thinking how will she manage everything. Aryan stops her and asks till when she will not talk to him. She says she wants to discuss with him a lot, but he should clear the suspicion from his mind and stop accusing Madhav. 

Aryan says he will wholeheartedly accept her baby and asks why don’t she understand that she is not safe around Madhav. Imlie says Madhav is suffering for the crime which he didn’t do. Aryan says Madhav desires more than this. Imlie asks him to forget everything and just feel their baby as its part of them and belongs to him. 

Aryan refuses to accept and says she is not wrong, but Madhav is. She walks away thinking she will get proof in Maddhav’s favor.

Gudiya calls Kairi. Imlie disguises as Kairi again and tries to get out of the window to get pasta. Gudiya catches her and says she knows her well. Kairi gets tensed. Gudiya says she is a thief. Kairi does her jokergiri and says she is not a thief and is looking for pasta. Gudiya asks how does she know about pasta. Kairi says pasta is her village’s favorite dish. 

Gudiya asks her to prepare pasta for everyone. The drama continues. Imlie feels irritated and leaves. Imlie notices Gudiya’s footprints and thinks she doesn’t have so much brain to think of attacking Madhav, but must have attacked him on someone’s order and hence she will check the footprints.

Rathore family sits for breakfast. Arpita asks about Imlie. Aryan says she must be tired and resting. Arpita says she workds hard all the time, so let her rest. Imlie hides under the dining table and pricks everyone’s foot to check their footprint. Nila and Gudiya complain there are mosquitoes in the house and needs pestcontrol. Jyoti and Harry join next. 

Imlie notices Jyoti not wearing footwear. Arpita calls Kairi to bring food. Kairi emerges out of the dining table. Aryan looks stunned and asks who is she. Arpita says she is their new maid Kairi. Nila asks what was she doing under the table. Kairi replies in her usual style and brings pasta for everyone. Aryan searches for Imlie. 

Imlie gets nervous thinking he may go to room searching for her. She serves him whole plate of pasta while he tries to stop her. She flirts with him cracking a joke. He tastes pasta and says its good. Imlie thinks Jyoti is fasting and hence will not have food. Jyoti asks her pasta. Kairi asks if she is not fasting.

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