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Imlie 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update -
Imlie and her team cover an event for children's culture. She questions Raghu, her senior Raghu, why he is here while Madhav normally works with her. He also works with Mahesh most of the time. 

Raghu explained that Madhav & Mahesh have other jobs so he came. She tells her child that the children are enjoying cultural festivals. If she feels up to it, she will dance with them. She smiles at the children and says that she is a comedian. 

She tells them she hasn't begun her funny talk yet, and then introduces herself and her colleagues. They ask her if she had always dreamed of being a journalist since childhood. She answered that she did not dream of being a reporter in her childhood. However, she worked hard for it. They asked her what she dreamed of becoming, if not a journalist. She replies that she would like to be an actor and mimics the actions of different actors.

Harry sees her from far away, hidden behind the tree, but he is nervous about trying and taking photos of her. Jyoti calls him and asks how he will photograph Imlie, when there are so many cameras around. Jyoti warns that he can't stop taking pictures of me if he doesn’t. 

He shoots from the air. Imlie hides behind a table and the kids. Imlie gets excited by the sound of butlet and dances, thinking Imlie can't get away now. Narmada (Arpita), Gudiya, Nila, and Gudiya witness her stunned dance. Harry feels guilty for shooting at Jyoti and the children.

Aryan looks at Madhav in his cabin, and believes he is losing his self-control because it's about Imlie. However, today he will manage himself. He is angry when he sees Madhav look at Imlie and his photo. Madhav then calls and asks Madhav to tell the truth.

The police arrive on the spot and send their children to their parents. Imlie stands panicked. Raghu offers water to Imlie and asks if everything is okay. She tells Raghu she is fine with her baby and that she has never been so scared in her own life.

Madhav tells Imlie that he suffered an injury during the sting operation. But Imlie stopped Madhav from telling him. He thanks him for his willingness to speak truth and remove the burden from him. Aryan requests him not to mention Imlie's names. 

Madhav believes Imlie is an inspiration and friend for the entire Pagdandiya community. Aryan is more angry and tells Madhav to tell the truth. He threatens his family that anyone who disturbs them will never live in peace because he did wrong to Imlie. 

Madhav insists that he didn’t do anything. Aryan fires him and orders him to leave his office before he spirals out of control.

Imlie saved my life, say children to their mothers. Mothers express their gratitude to her. Imlie claims she was just doing her duty because she is a mom. Raghu is asked by Imlie if the incident was recorded. He denies that the footage shows this. 

Imlie swears she will not allow their children or her child to be in danger. Inspector informs her that bullets looked like they were fired at her. Imlie is asked to help with the interrogation. Imlie is hugged by the children and they say that she is their savior.

Madhav becomes upset when Aryan dismisses him from his job for no reason. Aryan grabs Madhav's phone and orders security personnel to lock him in a locked room until they arrive. Madhav pleads for him to admit that he did nothing and asks him if he can call Imlie to find the truth. 

Aryan becomes panicked when he hears Imlie's names and attacks him with a vengeance. Imlie stops him and questions him about his actions. Madhav is arrested by police. Aryan alleges that Madhav used Imlie to drug him. Imlie insists that the allegations are false as Imlie is not involved in them. 

Aryan is told by Inspector that Madhav cannot go to jail because the victim is giving a statement. Imlie, with her long speech, describes Aryan as a woman who can see when a man looks at her savagely.

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