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Imlie 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update -
Imlie confronts Aryan and claims that she is the only one who will know she's wrong or not. She also says that Aryan is the chief executive of several companies. However, she's not a woman in a position to comprehend her position. 

Inspector scolds Aryan for making an untrue complaint, and then departs together with the team. Aryan says to Imlie she was able to stop having a person punished. Imlie apologizes to Madhav for the difficulties he had to face due to Aryan. Aryan informs Imlie that she didn't behave the right thing. 

Imlie believes that women can instantly sense if someone is looking unprofessionally at her, and therefore it is best to speak with her first before accusing an individual.

Returning at home, Imlie asks Aryan why Aryan is acting strangely as her pregnancy report has been released and why he's considering Madhav as his foe. Aryan provides his medical record to her. She's worried for his health and asks him to see if he's fine. 

Aryan wants her to look over the report.Imlie goes through the report and is stunned to discover that Aryan is not fertile, and then asks how this is possible. The report says that it is with him because she has informed him that she was expecting. 

Imlie claims that this report can't be accurate since she is expecting. Aryan claims he even questioned the similar findings and requested the test done again at a different lab , and came across the identical report.

Imlie is shocked and attempts to explain herself. He tells her that she does not need to be able to explain as he will think of her child as his forever. She inquires about what that the infant is.. He says the baby is Madhav's since he drugged her during the sting procedure and became intimate with her. Imlie claims she was injured in the sting procedure and Madhav to treat her. 

Aryan claims that he provided her sleeping pills to ease pain and abused her. She claims she is aware of her body and believes that Madhav did not commit any wrongdoing. Aryan claims she's in a denial mode and that the truth is that Madhav was wrong about her. Imlie is adamant and backs Madhav. Aryan claims he'll kill Madhav. Imlie insists that he need kill her body by crossing it in order to take out Madhav.

Aryan gets angry when he remembers Imlie's words. The assistant of his informs him of the shootout that took place at the cultural festival and Imlie is a hero for protecting the children. He follows reports and gets stunned to learn about the incident. He discovers that a man was responsible for the shootout, and decides to track down the perpetrator. 

He walks up towards Imlie and asks her why she let him know about the shooting. Imlie says she's perfectly fine. He claims he's her boss, and it's her job to tell him about it as an experienced professional. 

She claims he acted unprofessionally when he fired an intern, and he should not speak about professionalism. She scolds him and promises to give him the report, and she will be the voice of innocent children and their parents.

Jyoti is practicing before an mirror to imagine how she would react if she finds out about the death of her friend Imlie, and also gain Aryan's compassion. Aryan returns home crying. Jyoti finds herself smiling thinking Imlie is dead. Jyoti being concerned, when he asks him why he's crying. He says that Imlie. She inquires about what transpired to Imlie. 

He says that he informed Imlie regarding his fertility issues, and should have done so long in the past. Jyoti is disappointed and wonders how could Imlie remain alive.

Imlie prays Seeta Maiya and asks she can convince Aryan that he's the baby's father. Madhav is unable to commit a crime, and the report could be printed incorrectly. Aryan discloses the incident at his office Jyoti. Imlie is aware that someone might have altered the report of Aryan and she was even tried to test for infertility. 

She sets out to identify who is responsible for the confusion. Aryan informs Jyoti that Imlie was a believer in him even when he deceived her and reminisces about all the events and advises him to be able to trust Imlie and not put too much faith in Madhav.

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