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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2022 Written Update

In the current episode, Abhimanyu is looking at his shirt. Akshara helps Abhimanyu. She also says that one is unable to look around when they are angry. Akshara insists on Abhimanyu to wear an auspicious thread prior to sitting at the altar. Abhimanyu allows Akshara. He asks Akshara connect the thread.

Manish and Swarna discuss Harsh. They claim that for Harsh's actions everyone is going to be affected. Kairav worries about Akshara. Manish declares that the storm is destroying everything. Manish requests Kairav to take care of Akshara since the whole family members are suffering. 

Manish prays for the happiness of Birla. Swarna assists Kairav be aware that once Birla's joy returns, Akshara will be good immediately. Akshara will try to convince Neel realize that not everyone is fortunate as he is being a parent. She tells him that Manjiri is seated in a puja, hoping her child will be returned. Akshara insists that only Neel can make Manjiri's Puja to be successful. 

Abhimanyu is listening to Akshara and Neel's conversations. He confronts Akshara regarding the practice of keeping the puja. Akshara says to Abhimanyu the fact that Manjiri is also her mother and is entitled to do something to help her.

Abhimanyu is telling Akshara that If Manjiri gets hurt yet again due to her, she won't be able apologies to her. Akshara insists that he won't be able to make her feel guilty for doing something right. She was on the verge of falling. 

Abhimanyu is begging Akshara to pray for her since she is constantly falling. Akshara informs Abhimanyu that he's there to help her. She gives kisses to Abhimanyu.

Then, the director Borad informs Harsh the job is in risk. Anand, Mahima, Harsh seeks an answer. The members say that they would prefer Manjiri accepts Harsh in front of the media could save Harsh's job as well as Birla hospital. Abhimanyu, Akshara, Parth and Manjiri are present for the puja. 

Goenkas as well as Neel is present for the puja. Neel gets restless. Harsh demands Anand to persuade Manjiri to appear before the members and accept his apology. Anand requests Mahima to hold a discussion with Manjiri because they must keep their Birla hospital.

to Manjiri, Abhimanyu, Parth and Akshara Surprise! Neel returns. Arohi believes that if Neel returned, but that does not necessarily mean Abhimanyu has won. Neel decides to revenge Abhimanyu. Neel regrets her apology to Manjiri for leaving the home. Manjiri hugs Abhimanyu, Neel. Parth snap pictures of them in a group. Arohi goes out hoping to find another ways to get rid of Abhimanyu.

Neel tells Akshara the fact that Manjiri was wrong with the former. Abhimanyu is trying to console Neel. In the next moment, Mahima and Harsh tries to persuade Manjiri to accept his apology publicly in order to help him save his job. Manjiri is then manipulated. She decides to go to a hospital. Akshara accompanies Manjiri. Abhimanyu learned that Manjiri and Akshara was admitted to hospital. He becomes angry. 

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