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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Gungun being hurt by the driver. She says that we will first see a doctor. She tells her no. I must go to the city hospital first to see my husband, because I don't have the time. She heads for the hospital. Doctor suggests that we may not be able to save the patient. Gungun calls Golu to ask how Anu is doing, what was the doctor's advice, and why are you so upset. 

She remembers Anu. He tells her all. She tells her that he will not be affected by the puja flowers. Doctor claims patient requires blood. We don't have any blood. The nurse says that blood will be sent to the blood bank. However, it could take up to 3-4 hours. Dr. says that we should notify his family. Golu requests Gungun to be with him soon. 

Akriti questions him about his conversation. Golu tells him to stop asking questions and to pray for Anu. He is asked to answer. He replies that it proves you don't love and respect elders. She questions who you were talking to. Gungun is praised for fulfilling the duties of a wife. He asks if he can tell him the name. She then asks him why he called her. He replies that she is entitled to know. Your real anger and fake tears don't matter. Nurse arrives and tells patient that O negative blood is not available.

Golu questions how could this happen. Nurse asks them to check their blood group. Nurse informs them that you have all been tested for the O-group. Golu, Chandru Yug, Yug, and Ankit go. Charu tells Akriti to not worry. She tells Charu that she has a sautan to defend. Charu promises that Gungun will not come to Anu's aid. Gungun thinks about Anu. She coughs. Driver offers water to her. She drinks water. He asks her to consider her a younger sister.

He said, "Listen to your brother and get the foot treated first." She said that I must first reach my husband, which is a pity. He said it was okay. I can understand your pain. I will wait until your husband is done with his operation. Then, you'll get the aid at the hospital. They arrive at the hospital. Golu attempts to arrange for the blood. The man claims it is not available here. Chandru asks for your assistance. Chandru says, "I'm fine. 

I will call the blood bank to check again." Golu claims it's about Anu. Nurse claims blood is not arranged. She calls Golu to ask if the blood is arranged. Golu tells her that we are trying but it is not possible. How is Anu? She said that only a miracle could save him right now. He had suffered from blood loss and if we don’t get blood within 15 minutes, then nothing will happen. He wants to know how we can do it in 15 minutes.

Gungun enters the hospital. The driver of the auto asks Gungun to tie the kerchief around her foot. Later, she says that he must touch Anu's forehead using this flower. He tied the kerchief to her. Golu feels helpless. He weeps. Ankit says, "Shall we call Gungun?" She is a fairy who can solve all problems. Maybe she can do magic this time. Gungun is called by Ankit, who says that Anu isn’t getting O-blood. She claims that her blood group is O- and she can donate blood. 

Ankit believes it's a miracle Gungun is now in the hospital. Her blood group matches Gungun's. Gungun said that Anu will not be hurt by anything. Akriti questions why they didn't come. Charu is asked by Akriti to not lose heart. Charu asks Charu to take Charu with her to check if the blood was arranged. Gungun requests that the nurse take Gungun's blood. Nurse inquires about your foot. Gungun tells the doctor to take my blood first. The nurse informs the doctor she has found a donor. She inquires about the driver. Gungun replies that he is my brother.

Akriti stops Gungun, and says that my husband will not give her blood. Gungun says Anu needs blood. Akriti claims that he is my husband and not yours. Gungun insists that we must save him first. Akriti begs her to stop. He is right, she says. Gungun claims that right will be there for him when he is saved. Akriti claims that Anu is in this condition because of her. My family will arrange for the blood. Gungun is thrown to her feet. She tells him to stop doing this. Let me donate blood. He will be gone forever. Akriti claims that there is no one who will clap for your drama. 

This girl lies, she asks how her blood group matches with Anu. Nurse questions her about why she lies. We will first do the blood test. Akriti claims she is lying, and is telling the world she is Anu’s wife. Gungun is asked to leave. Gungun's puja plates fall. Driver takes it. Gungun claims it had prasad to Anu. Akriti insists that he doesn’t need it. Driver asks nurse for the flower. It is her faith and she was hurt along the way. Akriti replies that he is my husband and that you are performing the puja. 

Driver questions Akriti about why you didn't go. Nurse replies that you cannot stop me fulfilling my responsibility. Akriti said that she will watch how Akriti donates blood for Anu. Gungun states that she will find someone who prevents me reaching Anu. He will be fighting for him. She pushes Akriti. Driver stops Akriti and asks Gungun where he is going.

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