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Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th Juni 2022 Written Update Episode begins with Ranbir saying sorry to Prachi. Prachi sat down next to him and got deeply involved. They hug and play tunes. He said, "I never believed that I would give you the uplifting news that my name is Bau ji." Prachi stands up and tells Ranbir that he is Bau ji. Ranbir embraces her. He forces her to wear a ring. He embraces Melody. He raises her and dances with her. 

He asks if he could at any time contact his child. She responds by gesturing yes. To feel the child, he touches her belly. Prachi is smiling. Prachi says that our child is our beloved one. He states that he will be able to deal with our child and will love you all the time. Our family will grow. Prachi questions when did you realize I was pregnant. He said in the clinic. Prachi asks why Prachi was so quiet at that time. She said she understood why Rhea was so furious. 

You are splitting from Rhea, and we were reuniting. Ranbir claims that I have not yet enlightened Rhea about divorce but will. Stanley is still stowing away. Rhea claims that someone is there. Pallavi said I would call watch. Rhea promises me that I will take care of. Stanley panics. Rhea tells Stanley to take nothing. It is all mine. She said that if you do not come out, I will not utter a single word. Pallavi calls monitors. Stanley imagines what he will do. 

He has a thought, and he emerges. Rhea is still close to the cabinet. He stands up and slams into a side table. Rhea and Pallavi spot him and ask what's the matter. He said he got wind of the criminal and arrived. Pallavi asks if watchman sent you. Rhea explains why they are sending server here. Stanley claims he heard them talk and that's how the reason came. Rhea gives him a bat and he opens the pantry. He imagines he saw the rodent. He claims he has seen the rodent.

Prachi pushes Ranbir to the side and flies away. He inquires about the deal. Prachi says don't contact me. She grabs the ring from her pocket and throws it on the ground. She exclaims loudly how important your adoration is, something she doesn't know. He said that he would never joke about it. She said that if you really want to be with our child, you should have separated from Rhea first, and then come to me. She claims you didn't do it because this is your nature. 

She claims you've been doing it and suggests I go to Rhea, even though you are good-faithful. She claims that you called me to ridicule and then says, "This time you also ridicule my child." He is pushed by her and asked to go. At the end of the day she falls down. Ranbir shouts Prachi. It turns out to be his creative mind. Prachi wonders, "What was the deal?" Prachi asks if you saw an apparition and if sculpture was created. Ranbir says ya. 

She claims that I fell down here and she was dreaming of Rhea. Ranbir claims that I heard the sound and emerged. Prachi claims there is a limit to obliviousness. Ranbir said you just said vanish... He figures Prachi will ask me to forget what she said. He looks at everything he had envisioned being in the bathroom. Prachi tries again to open the entrance. In his creative mind, he went outside through a window. Prachi asks if we'll go by the window. He opens the window and walks away. Prachi ponders what is going on.

Stanley claims it was a rodent, and says that I will leave at this moment. Pallavi claims you are not server. He says I am server. Pallavi questions him about how he realized that Ranbir is cheating. He said they did. She then asks, "How do you know Ranbir is in this room?" She claims that rodents cannot enter Kohli Mansion. Stanley claims rodents don't come to Kohli Mansion because they aren't taught and that they only come looking for food. 

Rhea claims you are taught. He said OK, but I lost my job and need a task. Ranbir asks for them to talk about Ranbir's work. Stanley looks at the legal papers that are on the floor near Rhea's feet. Ranbir wonders where he kept the legal documents. Rhea finds the envelope and inquires about its contents. Pallavi said it was a fixed envelope and that we shouldn't open. Rhea claims it is Ranbir. Pallavi asks that Pallavi keep the item in her almari and call Vikram. She states that she won't call him because I am not talking to him. She asks that she call him. 

Rhea believes she will take a look at the legitimate papers. Prachi arrives and questions Dida about her past. Pallavi assures Prachi that she is fine and that you don't need to worry about her. Prachi claims that I was just trying to get some information about her. Pallavi insults her, saying that this is my child and girl living in regulation's bedroom. Dida stands up and asks Pallavi if she has started again. She replies that you don't know what sister is, bahu marriage joy, and so forth.

She asks that Pallavi first become a great mother and then become a saas. She questions you about the claim that mother's 9-months are longer than her spouse's 7 rounds. She says that this is incorrect as mother's 9-months are only for one life and spouse's 7 rounds will be for seven births. Pallavi asks that she take a rest. Dida asks that Prachi answers Pallavi. 

She also requests that Pallavi give her the information she needs to reply to her. She threatens Pallavi and Prachi that she will fall from the window. Prachi claims that Ranbir's affection is different from mine. Dida asks that she discipline her. Prachi turns to Pallavi, thanking her for tolerating Rhea and not judging her. She claims she doesn't see her as her bahu. She claims that Ranbir filled my maang in PS. Pallavi claims it was because of my weakness. 

Prachi claims Ranbir married Rhea out of weakness. Rhea asks why you are discussing me. Dida tells her to not interfere. Prachi claims that Ranbir is my legitimate spouse. Pallavi says that whatever happens today, will not happen tomorrow. Dida falls from the window and lies on the couch. Pallavi said that my child would love the young lady and she will be my bahu. She said Ranbir bought a condo leased for you so that you can stay there while I remain with my family.

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