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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Surya apologizes to Gehna and suggests that we not ruin the day by cutting the cake. Gehna slices her birthday cake as everyone cheers. Surya is served the cake, then Raju and Dimpy. Both wish her a happy birthday and bless you. Kaddu bua then gets cake from her and she accepts her blessings. Suhani is next, and she asks her not to be so happy that someone is returning. 

Sikandar comes in and sings happy birthday to you. Everyone is shocked to see him. Surya wonders what he is doing here. Sikandar asks how he can be absent from a home function. Surya asks Sikandar if he has forgotten his elder brother so quickly.

He then wishes Gehna a happy birthday and claps with her. Shreya is then presented to him and he says that it was her birthday present. Kaddu bua questions if she has ever met Kartik. Sikandar asks Shreya if she would like to wish her best friend. Shreya hugs Gehna as she wishes her a happy birthday. Gehna wants to know if Karthik's okay. Shreya says yes. 

Gopi questions Gehna about Sikandar's jail time. Sikandar thanked Suhani for releasing him on bail. Suhani states that she has appealed to the court and that he will soon be proved innocent. Sarika looks for Arjun and questions Sikandar about Arjun's absence. Sikandar remains silent.

Sikandar tells everyone that they consider him a criminal but that he is here today to prove them wrong. He claims that his younger brother Surya, Gehna, and Sikandar don't trust him. But he has since changed and the wounds they have suffered will soon heal.

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