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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th June 2022 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th June 2022 Written Update

The episode begins with Suhani laughing when she lowers the temperature of the cold store. Sarika asks her why the former is laughing. Suhani tells her to close that door. She plays the live broadcast of cold storage. Sarika tells Sarika it's a great idea. 

Suhani tells Sarika that she will torture Urmila, Gehna and all those who have messed up with her. Sarika tells Sarika that she's never seen Sarika this angry. She inquires about the source of her cold storage ideas.

Suhani tells Suhani that she was always smart. Sarika says that Gehna desires this and Surya is unaware of what's happening to Gehna. Surya questions Surya about Gehna's fate. 

He calls her but receives no response. He thinks she can do anything she wants and doesn’t care.

Gehna prays in the cold storage to God. Urmila is struggling for survival, she sees. She urges her to never lose hope, and she promises them that they will make it back alive. 

She tells the woman that she will rescue them. She tells her to not close her eye. She pleads for her to remain awake. Surya asks her to remain conscious.

Meanwhile, Dada searches Gehna. Dadi says that Gehna was at her friend's house, according to Sarika. He tells her no one in the house cares about Gehna. Suhani says Gehna was wrong to not inform anyone. 

Dadi tells Suhani that Gehna would not have left for such important work. Kaddu asks her to refrain from yelling at Suhani. Suhani has the right idea. She adds that everybody is worried here, and Gehna should be able to inform them before they leave the house. 

Dada wonders what would happen if Gehna was in danger.

Gehna grabs the wood. Surya will hear what Gehna has to say to Surya if Urmila dies. She asks Urmila if she would like to talk to her. She breaks the cold storage door and visits Urmila. 

Sarika is shocked to see this and tells Suhani. Suhani calls her friend and informs him about Gehna.

Manager calls her, and she asks him if Surya won't come back from Shimla. Manager tells her Surya wasn't there. Surya asks her where she is. Surya's voice calls to her, and she runs downstairs. 

She questions him why he has returned. He says he felt strange and could not get to the airport. He tells her that he feels strange and can't get to the airport.

Surya asks them if Gehna is okay. Kaddu tells him Gehna vanished. Surya is informed by Dada, that Gehna will not pick up the phone. Gehna requests Urmila wake up. She also faints. Dadi asks Shreya whether the latter has any knowledge. 

Shreya said that she didn't know any. Kaddu urges Surya not be a waste of time and make a complaint against the police. Suhani stops Surya from contacting the police. Gehna experiences a hallucination and gets up.

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