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Swaran Ghar 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Swaran Ghar 7th June 2022

Swaran Ghar 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update -
The Episode starts with Bebe burning Swaran’s colourful dresses. Swaran cries and recalls Kanwal. Bebe says I swear that I will make this house as before, Swaran is a widow and she will stay as a widow, my grandsons will come back. She burns Swaran’s colourful dupatta. She tears a white curtain and covers Swaran with it. Neelu and Yug cry. Swaran recalls Kanwal’s words. 

Yug asks Nakul and Vikram did they do right. Vikram says mum didn’t let us see dad for the final time. Yug says mum called us, but we didn’t come, she needed us, we were not with her. Ajit, Nehmat and Amber are outside. Amber asks should we leave from here. Ajit says right, if you go, then who will stand for her. Yug says you don’t care for mum and Bebe, but just money. Yug and Vikram fight. Nakul stops them. Swaran says enough.

Bebe says they are fighting because of you, tell me, who is Ajit. Nimmo tries to say. Swaran says he is my friend. Bebe says you are lying, call Ajit and put the phone on speaker. Yug calls Ajit. Ajit asks is everything fine, is Swaran fine. Yug says yes, come home. Ajit says I m coming. He goes. Swaran says I don’t know why you called him here, do it later, you are unwell, come with me. 

Bebe says no, I will burn all the colours of your life. Ajit comes and sees Swaran wearing the white dupatta/curtain cloth. Bebe says I want things to get cleared, Swaran is Kanwal’s widow, a widow just wears white or light colour clothes. Ajit says Kanwal wanted her to wear dark colour clothes. Swaran’s dupatta catches fire. Ajit saves her. She wears the white dupatta back. 

He says she respects you and worn the burnt dupatta. She says she should have respected when Kanwal left, she should have left adornment. He says sorry, I left when you told me, I will tell you the truth now, you don’t know it. Swaran asks him to stop it. Ajit says wrong happened because of your grandsons. Bebe gets angry. He says listen to me once. Vikram says get lost. 

Ajit says I will tell the truth and go, Kanwal celebrated his 30th anniversary in front of me and the locality, I have seen their love and respect, I didn’t see that between any husband and wife, next day, Kanwal was no more, he was an amazing man, he used to make outsiders dear by his words and smile, he gave me a chance to know him, he didn’t wish to hurt anyone’s heart, you know your son well. Vikram says he was our dad, we know him. 

Ajit asks where were you when he got an attack, your mum was crying and calling you, why didn’t you answer, she had no money for his treatment, you didn’t come, you didn’t cry for your dad’s death. Vikram says you are crossing your limits. Ajit scolds him.

Ajit says when Kanwal took his last breath, I was there, he told me his sorrow, I understood it, I m a father. Vikram says he is making stories. Ajit says I promised Kanwal that I will keep his word, Kanwal knew his useless sons, he had no expectations from his sons, they aren’t loyal to their mum, I regretted a lot, Yug is understanding few things today. 

Vikram asks will you teach us now, don’t interfere. Ajit says I wish no one has children like you. Swaran says don’t curse my sons. Ajit says she got angry, she worries for her sons, she worried for Kanwal too. Swaran says enough now. Yug says uncle is saying the truth, mum always respected dad, she started dad’s old business also. Swaran asks them to stop it. 

Ajit says everyone is arguing here, but Swaran is worrying for your health, she worried for Kanwal, she will always be Swaran Kanwaljeet Bedi, your bahu. Bebe recalls Kanwal’s words. Bebe asks Nakul to say, Kanwal was upset that day when he called. Nakul recalls Kanwal’s words. Yug says you can never say it if not now. Nakul sees Kiran. He says Bebe, dad… Vikram says I will tell you, we went to the court against mum, what would we tell the people, you have to be strong to hear this. 

Bebe asks him to say. Vikram says Ajit is saying the truth, Kanwal was upset that day because of mum, look at this. He shows Ajit and Swaran’s pic. Bebe is shocked. Swaran asks what are you doing. Vikram says Bebe, tell us, how can we ask mummy, if she married Ajit before marrying dad. Swaran and Ajit are shocked. She says Vikram… and cries…

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