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The decision to detain the son of Shah Rukh Khan was not was taken by Sameer Wankhede on his own.

Aryan Khan recently granted an unremarkable chit from his Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). The NCB cleared Aryan Khan of all the charges that were thrown at him. It has been revealed in the day dawns Aryan Khan's son had been wrongly kept in jail for a shockingly long time. 

Now that Aryan's name has been cleared, and SRK as well as his family members can rest in a sense of relief, many bones are coming out of the NCB's vault. 

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Sameer Wankhede being singled out?

The former NCB Zonal director Sameer Wankhede was transferred his duties to Chennai to work as the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, and with good reason due to his inexplicably strong desire to sabotage Aryan Khan, and also the reputed hard-earned of Shah Rukh Khan. 

According to TOI an article by the NCB is now claiming that Sameer Wankhede has been harassed by powerful people and "singled out" for how he hounded such influential people in the fake investigation. Karma isn't that difficult to strike, does it?

Aryan Khan's appeal was a consensual decision

An NCB source informed Rediff it was the case that decision made to detain Aryan Khan was consensual, and not a single-person command that was executed without following the correct procedure for arrest in accordance with the NDPS Act. 

The consensual choice was made by the public prosecutor who was on the board. But, the media described the decision as a one-man agenda. The source further explained that in high-profile instances the decision to detain one is made by a specific channel. 

The highest authority in this chain gets involved, and only then do the arrests are taken. The source also said that Aryan was arrested a month prior to his arrest. Sameer Wankhede was given the Union Minister's award for superiority for his work in the investigation. 

So, we're not being apathetic for Wankhede. And we can confidently say that we are speaking for the majority of people who have an open mind and a rational conscience.

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