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Woh Toh Hai Albela 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Rashmi, Pihu are worried about Sayuri and ask Indu when Sayuri will arrive. Nakul comes in and tells them she won't come right now. They both ask why. He shows Sayuri's picture with Kanha and says that they are supporting one another. Indu ad Bhanu is happy to see that and goes to make prasad/bhog. 

Nakul hopes Sayuri's and Kanha’s bonding grows over time. Nakul comes home to see Kanha walk into the living room, thanks to Sayuri's assistance. Saroj slips. Kanha holds her. Saroj warns him not to touch her, as she has lost Chiru due to him.

Sayuri confronts Saroj, asking how she can curse her son. Saroj claims Sayuri is supporting Kanha because she is also responsible in Chiru's murder. They both support one another as they are partners of crime. Sayuri claims she can insult Kanha but Kanha cannot. 

Kanha should be heard once. She claims that Chiru was stubborn and would not stop until he got what he wanted. Kanha supported him brother. Saroj believes that Chiru was lost because of Sayuri’s bad kundali/horoscope.

Sayuri believes panditji must tell Chiru that he will die if Chiru marries her. But Chiru died before she married him, and then how could she blame her kundali? She claims she can blame Kanha but she is not innocent. She also says that she misunderstood Kanha but he will go to any length for his beloved ones. 

She tells Kanha that she won't tolerate her blaming Kanha unnecessarily. Saroj scolds Kanha and walks into her bedroom. Kusum tongue lashes Sayuri because she is misbehaving towards Saroj, and asks her about her upbringing.

Sauri sincerely apologizes to everyone. Dhanraj claims that if Sauri had not watched the injustice unfold, they would have asked her about her upbringing. Kanha and Dhanraj are asked to not blame themselves for Chiru’s death and to ignore Saroj's comments. Kanha worries about Saroj, and begs Kanhaji for his mother's calm. Saroj spits out his anger by grinding chakki. Kusum comforts Sayuri and asks that she let Sayuri's arrogance & overconfidence go.

Kanha walks into Sayuri's bedroom and, seeing her lost in thought, realizes that he is also feeling guilty about confronting Saroj. He approaches her and reminds her that the book is not rightly held. He is surprised to see her keep a peacock feather in a books. He used to do it in his childhood, she says. Both of them laugh and remember their childhood memories. 

Sayuri imitates his vlogging style. They have fun sharing light moments. He asks her to keep reading and suggests gifting something. Nakul and Rashmi help him choose a gift. They offer different suggestions. They don't like him and he says he wants them to give something to his wife because she stood for him against Saroj. They are unable to convince him, and he asks to choose the gift. He prays to Kanhaji, and gets an idea.

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