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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update -
Rudra informs Revati Rudra tells Revati that Preesha and he are adamant about one another and are inseparable So she doesn't have to worry about it. He advises her to not think about leaving the home. 

Revati insists that she won't leave until the birth of Preesha, regardless of whether Preesha demands she leave. Revati is irritated and believes she'll press Preesha's weak ego and get her into trouble with GPS. GPS hidden is able to call Preesha via landline. 

Preesha is not connected correctly to a person named Rahul. He demands Rahul for information to tell Preesha that Revati is confined to an apartment and trace his location using the landline number. He provides Preesha's phone number.

A call is made to Preesha to inform her of the kidnapping of GPS by Revati and his location, which he located using his landline. Preesha is aware that it's Revati's home and requests him to go to Revati's residence while she brings her family to the house and let them know that Revati took her father away. 

He claims he has any issues declaring the truth, but it is best to inform police first. Preesha states that the police will not assist her since Revati is a police chief.

Rudraksh is able to reach Preesha and informs her that they're running behind in the class. She tells them they must move somewhere else and demands that he accompany him. Revati calls Sharda and demands that she bring Revati to her home and cuts off the call. 

Sharda informs Revati and she takes her with her. Preesha along with Rudraksh is at the house of Revati and attempts to open the door. Rudraksh is curious about what brought her to this place. Sharda and Revati are next. Revati responds and asks what's happening and then opens the door at Preesha insisting. 

Preesha looks around the house for a GPS but doesn't find him. She discovers that a storeroom is closed and demands Revati to unlock the door. She can't even find GPS in the store room and says that Revati was the one who kept it. She is certain that Revati had GPS stored inside the storeroom.

Rudraksh and Sharda are defending Revati. Preesha insists on taking Revati to go back to the place she changed her to her GPS. Rudraksh advises Preesha to put the drama down and drags her away. Sharda apologizes Revati in the name of Preesha.

Rudraksh is adamant Preesha not to be a bit weird during pregnancy. Preesha GPS adamant. Revati inquires about the person who told her she had kidnapped GPS. Preesha informs her of her GPS connecting with Rahul and providing him with this place. 

She then calls Rahul. Rahul says that GPS called him and told him that he's traveling on a trip to Madurai with his pal, Rahul's father. Preesha is shocked to find him lying , and Rahul is lying.

Rahul videos calls father. GPS takes his phone and informs him that the caller is in Madurai right now and is in a fie. The call is cut off. Preesha asks why GPS can be located in Madurai and pretending like nothing has happened. 

Revati is asking Preesha to believe in her, what is the reason she would kidnap GPS. Preesha informs Rudraksh that Preesha requires rest and that he must take her to her home. Rudraksh apologizes on Revati Preesha on her behalf and then takes Preesha out of the house. 

Sharda follows the two. Revati is laughing with Rahul and states that Preesha doesn't know what's going on with her. She gives her praise and thanks Rahul. Rahul leaves.

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