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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Abhi makes Manjiri give up Harsh's hands. He takes her to his room. She weeps. He sings to her to calm her down. Akshu watches. Anand believes that Abhi has done too many things. Mahima agrees that divorce is possible in this age. Neil pours Harsh a glass water. Harsh is crying. Akshu takes Abhi along. She said that if we don't want any interference in our matters, how can we decide for our parents? Abhi claims she lacks the courage to make a decision. 

Akshu and Abhi disagree. He claims that you want her to be tortured in this toxic relationship. She claims that I did not say it, and it should be her choice. He said children should decide for their parents' good. I want to end my mother's suffering. She claims she doesn't feel ready for it. He claims she won't be ready. She said understanding is imp. He said that if she wants to be happy, this relationship must end. She claims it is her decision. She stumbles. He worries about her. She goes.

Harsh watches. Abhi recalls Akshu’s words. Mahima said that you are the most intelligent person in this generation. She doesn't understand how you can think of divorcing. Abhi says that I can't wait. Mum is my priority, and I will not let anything happen to her hospital. You are her older sister, so think for her once. Anand suggests that you calm down. 

Abhi said, "I should also ignore that, I feel nothing happened here." Anand replies, Abhi, Harsh was taken from the hospital chair and Harsh's wife from the house. We must deal with this truth. Harsh comes downstairs. Anand is harsh with Abhi. Mahima requests Abhi to change his mind and understand the situation. Abhi states that my decision will not change. 

I will get Manjiri my mum divorced from Mr Harshvardhanbirla. What do you think about her? Are you a servant or robot? She takes care of everyone so why don't feel sorry for her.

He weeps and asks Akshu if he understands what he wants. He said that he wants my mum's happiness. Akshu shows Harsh's and Manjiri’s photos. She tears one picture and burns the other. This is because of the difference between the two ways. If you try to separate them in anger then they will all get burned. 

She elaborates. She tells him to think clearly and make a decision. Manjiri has the right to divorce herself, but it is between husband and wife. We will support her in her decision. It's not our right to do so, but it's the right of a spouse to decide.

Everyone stands for Akshu. Abhi takes Manjiri with him. He asks Manjiri to stay calm. Akshu arrives and holds Manjiri in his hand. Abhi claims she is having nightmares. Akshu said that she is not against her. She goes. Shefali claims Manjiri was cheated. I agree with her decision. But Abhi is right, the decision should be made eventually. Parth questions if this will bring her happiness. 

She has no identity other than this family. It won't be easy for her to start afresh. Parth knew the truth so she stayed with Harsh. Shefali said that she hats off and that it was a great feat of patience. He said, "Yes, but I cannot do that." He says even I can't. He hugs her.

Harsh stops Akshu, and says, "I'm impressed at your maturity. I want to thank for supporting me. Thank you, God bless." One minute, she says, Sir, I didn’t support you, and I can never support your bahu, mother's daughter, or as a woman. He then asks Akshu what you mean. 

She questions how I became Akshu for today, Manjiri gave her life to you, and you never showed her respect. Your two sons, Neil and Abhi, are suffering because of you. 

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